News flash! We’ll be having a second redwood auction on Oct. 4, 2015! Sign our email list here to get all the updates!


To all who participated Thank You all for your incredible generosity and support during our inaugural redwood auction in Oct. 2014!

All slabs from the auction were sold.

The auctioning of the slabs yielded a net income of approximately $49,000 for the Library. The funds come at a very opportune time for us as we are currently working on several upgrades in order to meet regulatory mandates, including structural modifications for ADA compliance, creating a new water system, and upgrading existing bathrooms on the property.

This is also great news for supporters of the arts in Monterey County and beyond as we look forward to bringing you more fantastic programs, music, workshops, film and events in the future!
So once again, from everyone at the Library, thanks so much for your support!

Click here to learn more about our fundraising goals and here
for important auction information.

Photos cannot do the wood justice. However the photo below gets close to capturing the extraordinary depth and beauty of pattern this tree has yielded.



Close-up of the exceptionally rich grain pattern caused by the intense pressure low down in
the trunk during the hundreds of years of slow tree-growth.


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