Fundraising Goals

hml1-300x233The Henry Miller Memorial Library is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 community arts center dedicated to American writer and Big Sur resident Henry Miller. It was founded over 30 years ago by Miller’s friend Emil White.

The Library serves as a book store and performance space, hosting workshops, music, movies, theater, and countless unique community events. (To learn more about the Library, click here.)

Profits generated from the redwood auction will be used for the following purposes:

Upgrading the Library to meet State and Federal regulatory requirements. This includes a water-treatment system, ADA compliant bathrooms, upgraded septic system, and more. Bringing the Library into compliance will ensure the Library can remain operational while also providing exceptional programming, including our acclaimed short film screening series, workshops, audio series, etc. This will require paying for building and maintaining a water system as well as paying related legal and administrative fees.

Establishing an endowment to ensure financial stability. While events and tax deductible donations generate suitable income, we hope to emulate other nonprofit organizations by establishing an endowment to help us consistently and predictably meet capital and operational needs.

Create a permanent location for the Miller archives. The Library owns one of the most impressive and valuable collection of Miller works in the world. Funding will help us secure them in a climate-controlled site either here at the Library (some challenges with that!) or, off-site, perhaps in association with other historical archives.

Link to individual pieces on auction on October 4, 2015:
#9  |  #15  |  #22  |  #23  |  #25  |  #26  |  #33 |  #35 | #38 | #48(b) | Bowls

Click HERE to bid on a slab in advance.


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