Auction guidelines.

How to submit a bid.

The best way is of course to join us here at the Library on October 6. PLEASE REGISTER HERE.

TO BID REMOTELY: Call the Library at 831-667-2574 or email Mike Scutari at or Magnus Toren at (Remote bid deadline is Noon on Sunday, October 6.)

Include your name, telephone number, and minimum and maximum bid. We’ll then get in touch and ask for credit card and contact information.

* What is the starting price?  Starting price will be approximately $3,500 and up.

* How many slabs will be auctioned? Twelve.

* If I win when do I have to have it picked up?  We will do our very best to protect and keep your wood safe for as long as it takes to make arrangements for pick up.

* Is the bid binding?  Once you place the bid and give us your card information, we will purchase the slab on your behalf should you have the winning bid. (for remote bids).

* How much do they weigh?  The estimated weight of each slab is between 400 – 600 pounds.

* Is the wood ready to use? The wood is seasoned and ready to be worked. However, as with all wood, it will need to acclimatize to the environment to which it will be brought. Redwood is a ‘soft’ wood so acclimatizes faster than many other species.

* Dimensions of the wood? The pieces range form 44″ wide to almost 60″. The are all 12 feet long and 3″ thick with the exception of # 2 and # 3 both 96″ long.

How will I get it picked up? Buyers are responsible for making transportation/freight arrangements. We have some equipment available on site including a bobcat and ability to build a crate should it be necessary. (Most pick-up trucks can handle a slab). We can help you arrange for delivery. Let us know at

We’ll bid on your behalf in $300 increments starting at your minimum price.


…before you submit your bid, please read the following important notes guidelines and FAQ’s:

* For purchasers within California, state sales tax (7.25%) will be applied to the final price.

* California sales tax does not apply to purchasers residing outside California.

* The buyer, regardless of location, is also responsible for appropriate delivery fees, in addition to final price and applicable tax.

* The slabs will be auctioned “as is.” Given the nature of wood, the Library cannot be held responsible for changes that may occur once bid is finalized.

* Individuals submitting a remote or advance bid must provide their credit card information in advance.

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