Auction Guidelines

Before you submit your bid, please read the following important notes guidelines:

* For purchasers within California, state sales tax (7.25%) will be applied to the final price.

* California sales tax does not apply to purchasers residing outside California.

* The buyer, regardless of location, is also responsible for appropriate delivery fees, in addition to final price and applicable tax.

* The slabs will be auctioned “as is.” Given the nature of wood, the Library cannot be held responsible for changes that may occur once bid is finalized.

* Bids will be awarded at $100 above the “final” bid. For example, let’s say your bid is $3,000 and we bid on your behalf. However, bidding stops at $2,500. In this instance, you will win the slab for $2,600.

* Staring prices for most slabs will be approximately $3,000.

How to submit a bid

Call the Library at 831-667-2574 or email Mike Scutari at  Please include name, telephone number, and reserve price.




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